Introduction: Journal Using Packaging Paper

This instructable will teach you how to make a journal out of the package you receive, maybe when you buy fragile 
things online.

What you will need:
- Packaging paper (1piece = 1 page)
-Cardboard (of the package)
- 2 A4 coloured paper
-1 black construction paper 
-1 strand of yarn/twine
-double-sided tape
-metal rule
-decorations (magazine cutouts, stickers,feathers, ect.)

Step 1:

Take the cardboard, and cut into 3 piece, the thin one for the spine of the journal.
spine size : 22.5cm x 4cm
cover size : 22.5cm x 16.5cm

Step 2:

cover the cover of the journal with the A4 colour paper. Decorate the inside if you want...

Step 3:

Cut the black construction paper to : 22.5cm x 4cm strip. Paste the spine of the journal on the middle of the black 
construction paper with double-sided tape. place thin strips of double-sided tape on the side of the black construction paper, and stick the journal cover onto the double-sided tape(don't forget to peel first!)
Make a 6cm and 15cm mark along the book spine, and create a hole on that marking.

Step 4:

Separate the packaging paper into pieces, each at A4 size. Stack the paper together and fold into half, so that it forms an A5 booklet size. Clip it together with paper clips so it is more neater, and trim the uneven edges. make a 6cm and 15cm mark, and create a hole to string the yarn/twine through. 
If the yarn/twine is too big, take a metal wire and loop it, placing the yarn/twine through the loop formed. string the wire through the hole you created, and pull. The yarn/twine should be able to go through, unless it is too thick.

Step 5:

Place cover and booklet so that the holes on it aligns, and thread the yarn/twine through the hole on the book spine. Tie a secure knot  after threading it through the hole.

Step 6:

Decorate the journal cover anyway you like. An example above :

Step 7:

If you want to attach a pen or pencil to the journal, just follow the picture. take a tape and paste it on a packaging paper, and cut it out, so that it does not stick to your pen/pencil. tape it so that it forms a loop, and paste the loop onto the right side of the back cover page.
And you're done! You can also decorate the cover pages with magazine cutouts, or leaves, twigs, flowers, something natural. Be creative in making the journal as "green" as possible!

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