Joystick Control Arduino Car and NRF24L01

Introduction: Joystick Control Arduino Car and NRF24L01

In this projections I will make a car remotely controlled with Arduino nano, L298N, NRF24L01 and joystick. The car is controlled by a joystick and the module NRF24L01 sends values to the receiver located in the car. The speed of the motors is controlled proportionally. The motors are controlled by the L298N module and powered by six AA (R6) batteries. The NRF24 master library is required to operate the NRF24L01 module.

Step 1: List Elements

Step 2: Schema

Step 3: Sketch


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    Irvin da costa
    Irvin da costa

    1 year ago

    hi forbidden bit ive been trying to see how to make this project of yours which is amazing but ive encounterd a few problems where i cant control my car or it wont even move im not sure whats wrong plz help me