Introduction: Joystickhelp

Our clïent is a young man who has Troyer syndrome. He likes to play with the computer. For that he has to use a joystick. Because of his Troyer syndrome, he experiences spatic and uncontrolled movements. This ensures that the joystick shifts while working on the computer. He also sometimes pushes the wrong buttons. Because he likes to mess around and as a result of uncontrolled movements.

That's the reason we designed the joystickhelp. The joystick is placed in the device. It is attached to the table with a screw knob. The buttons are covered thanks to a sliding system. The rail ensures that the box can be moved to cover a longer distance.


- rubber paint

- screw knob

- metal plates

- drawer rails

- wooden plank (about 1 cm thick and 30,5 cm long)

- wooden plank (about 2 cm thick and about 17 cm long)

- wooden plank (about 2,5 cm thick and about 30,5 cm long)

- wooden pin

- screws

- welding material

- metal drill

- hinges

- threaded

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Base

Step 1: Put the wooden plank (about 2,5 cm thick and about 30,5 cm long) between the drawer rails.

Step 2: Attach the rails to the wood

Step 3: Fold a metal plate (90 degrees) so that it has 2.5 cm edges and a flat surface of 14.5 cm. The part that is folded is 31 cm long. The plate is 48 cm long in total. So you have a part of 17 cm without edges.

Step 4: Put the wooden plank and the rails between the edges of the metal plate and attach it. The piece that extends is directed to the side with the piece of metal without edges.

Stap 5: The piece without borders is now being folded. From where the border starts to where it is folded, there is 9 cm in between. There is 6.5 cm from the 1st fold to the 2nd. The metal is always folded through 90 degrees. First fold down, second fold inwards

Stap 6: A 4 cm by 4 cm metal plate is welded to the piece then folded inwards. There is a hole in the metal plate where the thread fits in. A nut is welded to the bottom of the plate.

Step 7: Insert the thread through the gad. Weld the end of the thread closest to the metal plate of a metal plate with a diameter of approximately 4 cm. And attach the screw knob on the other side.

Step 8: Take the wooden bar of approximately 1 cm thick and 30.5 cm long. Drill a hole every 3 cm. Attach the board to the right metal board. (front is the side with the screw knob on)

Step 2: Step 2: Make the Metal Box

Step 1: Fold a metal plate of 79 cm. There are 2 folds. There are 2 pieces of 31 cm and a piece of 17 cm. The metal plate is not the same height on both sides. It follows the sloping surface of the joystick.

Step 2: A metal plate is welded at 3 cm from the bottom of the metal plate. The plate must be long enough for a piece to be folded so that the box is completely closed.

Step 3: On the side with the highest side, a piece of metal is cut out so that the cable of the joystick can pass.

Step 4: The basis of the previous step is confirmed at the bottom of the box.

Step 5: At het right site of the box in the corner you make a hole where the wooden pin fits in. At het hight of the hols in het wooden plank.

Step 6: Place the wooden board that remains in the box.

Step 3: Step 3: Make the Lid

Step 1: Make a lid that fits on the box.

Step 2: Make holes at the height of the buttons and the joystick handle.

Step 3: Attach metal and plates to the inside of the frame so that smaller pieces of metal plates can be inserted to cover the buttons.

Step4: Attach it with the hinges to 1 of the short sides of the box.

Step 4: Step 4: End Result