Introduction: Judge Mallet

Judge’s Mallet Instructable Project:

1.) First you need to take a piece of wood and glue it between two other boards that are the same color these are gonna be your outer parts of the wood. Make sure the inner board is a different color than the outside boards.The color can be whatever you want same as the size. I suggest that you get a hard piece of wood so then when you use it it won’t break.

Step 1: Step 2

2.) Next you need to make a circle in the sides of the wood then cut off the sides of that wood with a saw (Wear Glasses and protective gear the whole time). Make sure you only get the corners on the wood and make all the sides even.

3.) Then you must put it in a lathe to make it into the mallets head(wear eye gear or you could damage your eye). Try to make them both the same for both sides. You can make whatever pattern you want but make sure to leave enough room at the end to either cut off and smooth or just to smooth. Make sure you make enough space for the handle. Mark lines for the design in the wood. Leave space at the end to round off sides so then you don’t have any holes from the Lathe.

Step 2: Step 3

4.) You then need to make a hole for the mallet so then the rod will slide in. Make sure that the hole for the handle is just a little bit smaller.

5.) Then you will need to grab a wood rod to turn into the handle make sure that it isn't too long. Round out the end of one side this will be the bottom of your handle. Try to leave a little curve to let your hand rest on the end of the handle.

Step 3: The Final Step

6.) Then attach the mallet and handle together with some wood glue. Make sure to get rid of any excess glue then you are done with your Mallet. Polish the mallet with wood polisher to give it a nice clean Finish.