Jump Cut Tutorial -- How to Use Jump Cut for Videos

Introduction: Jump Cut Tutorial -- How to Use Jump Cut for Videos

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A jump cut is when you cut a section from the middle of a clip. When you watch your clip back it looks like you have jumped forwards in time. Jump cuts are essential to YouTube video editing because they help remove distractions from your videos and make it much more interesting to watch. Use jump cuts to get rid of repetition, anything off topic, or periods of silence.

To do a jump cut, you need to make sure the software you use can scroll through your clip frame by frame with both video and audio.

Here is how to make jump cuts in Filmora video editor:

Step 1: Open Up Filmora Video Editor and Add a Clip to the Timeline.

Step 2: Play Your Clip and Pause When You Hear a Sound, Then Go Back Frame by Frame Until the Sound Is Gone.

Step 3: Use the Scissors Icon to Make a Cut.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and Cut Your Clip Into As Many Batches As You Need. Then Delete Frames That You Don't Want.

Now you will only have frames you want in your video.

You can use jump cuts creatively in your videos by making a change and then cutting out how it happened. This makes it seem as if objects are appearing or disappearing. Check out the video for examples.

Another tip is try to keep your videos around three minutes or less. Shorter videos get more views, so shortening your videos is a great reason to make jump cuts.

You can edit along with this jump cut tutorial in Filmora. Try Filmora Video Editor for free here: http://bit.ly/1MFfRKC

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