Introduction: Jumping Machine

Since my brother has to jump 500 times a day for his height, I designed this machine for hime, helping him to count down from 500. The light shines every time when the ultrasonic senses him. The tone rings when the number reach to hundreds.

Step 1: Sketch the Holes

Sketch the holes for the materials.

Step 2: Cut the Holes

After sketching the holes, use a utility knife to cut them.

Step 3: LCD

The LCD would show a count down starting with 500 as the ultrasonic senses my brother.

Step 4: Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Could customize the distance of the ultrasonic depending on the distance.

Step 5: LED

As the ultrasonic senses things within specific distance, the LED lights.

Step 6: Tone

Set the tone ringing when the number reaches 400, 300, 200, and 100.

Step 7: Group Them Together

Step 8: Code

Check out the code for a more detailed description