Introduction: The Coolest Dog Feeder

Sometimes when you are busy, feeding the dog becomes extra. Yet, this product leaves out multiple steps, replacing by a single step of pressing the button.


- a tall bottle

- a bottle with longer length

- multiple strings

- a button

- card board

- fodder

- a Arduino speaker

- Arduino Leonardo board

- a box

Step 1: Cut Holes in the Bottle

Cut a hole in the centre of both bottles. Then, cut a sector shape that matches the amount of fodder desired.

Step 2: Servo

Place the fan blade on the top and the actual servo at the bottom which the two are connected through the hole.

Step 3: Create a Fodder Slide

Cut two pieces of card board and a smiley face on the bottle at the bottom.

Step 4: Add the Button

Connect a string on (D12) and another on (D13).

Step 5: Sound Effects

Adding sound effects could call the dog upon without yelling. Red (D11)/ Black (-)

Step 6: Decorate

Find a delicate box and cut holes on each side for the strings and the button. The Arduino board should not be seen.

Step 7: Code

The code includes the servo, the button, and the sound effects.