Introduction: "Just for You" Floral Arrangement

Hi, my name is Amber LaPrairie. I’ve been working in the Watertown Hy-Vee floral department for almost 7 months now. Today, we are going to make a beautiful, simple, fairly cheap and possibly my favorite arrangement that is a Hy-Vee promo we have this year. Although it really isn’t a skill everyone needs to learn, it is something that anyone can do and a perfect gift for just about anyone! Show your significant other what a real man (or woman) looks like!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For supplies, you need 3 gerbera daisies in any color and size you like, 2 stems of myrtle, which is a type of greenery we use, and 4-5 stems of bear grass, which is a type of a long thin grass used in arrangements. For a vase, you can pretty much use anything with a 1 ½ - 2-inch mouth opening. If you are willing, you can buy a pair of floral sheers or branch cutters, you’ll be using them more in the future I’m sure! But, you can just use scissors. You can pick up all of these materials at your local Hy-Vee if it has a floral department or a local floral shop.

Step 2: The Water

I’m not expecting you to be a master floral designer overnight with this one arrangement, but it as an art form and I got to say, pretty useful if you majorly mess up and need to apologize.

First, fill your vase with water. If you want your arrangement to last longer, pick up a couple of packets of floral food also. Only about half of one is needed for this arrangement.

Step 3: Mentally Prepare Yourself

Think about how you want to arrange your 3 gerbera daisies. Do you want the colors to gradient? Do you want them to have a theme? (AKA: one red, one orange, and one yellow, like a sunset?) It will be a staggered arrangement; the daisies will be cascading so each can be seen.

Step 4: The Greens

To finally start the arrangement, cut your myrtle to be about a foot long. Tear off the leaves that would be in the water when you stick it in (this will help prevent bacteria in the water.) You can stick the myrtle into the vase to see where the water would come up to if necessary. Then, do the same to the second stem of myrtle. If you wanted to cut it a little shorter so it adds some dimension or not cut as much off to add height, that is fine too. You may not even need the second stem if your first one is very full.

Step 5: The First Daisy!

Now, it is time to add the first gerbera daisy. Personally, I like to start with the longest one and work down. It will be a staggered arrangement, one being a little shorter than the other so all heads can be seen in full. Take the gerbera daisy that you want to be at the top of the arrangement. It might be the biggest, it might be the brightest. It doesn’t really matter. Cut the gerbera daisy to your desired height. It should be about the length of the myrtle. If needed a true guide, maybe again, about a foot.

Step 6: The Second Daisy

Next, it is time for the second gerbera daisy. It will be a little shorter than the first. Try to cut it so that the head of the flower is still visible and not behind the first. You can hold it up to the vase and the first flower to measure. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time and you can put it into the vase to measure as well. Once it is cut to your liking, place it into the vase.

Step 7: The Last Daisy!

On to the last gerbera daisy. This will be your shortest one. It should be about half the length of the tallest one. Remember that you want to be able to see the whole face of the flower. Once this is done, stick it in the vase! You are almost done!

Step 8: Finishing Touches

Lastly, we are going to stick in the bear grass. Take a couple pieces, cut off the ends and stick them in together on the left side. They don’t have to be a certain length, just not to long that they just get everywhere, and not too short that it can’t be seen. Then, take the last couple pieces, fold the ends together to create a loop. It doesn’t have to be a huge loop, but it should be seen. If needed, cut the ends down. Carefully tuck the ends of the loop into the vase on the left side as well. It should stay, if it doesn’t, play with it until it does. There is no right or wrong way to tuck the loop into the vase.

Step 9: You Did It!

Congratulations! You just successfully (I hope) created the “Just for You” Hy-Vee promo! Was it fairly easy? Give it to a loved one like your mom or grandma. Maybe brighten your manager’s day. Show your teacher you appreciate them! Apologize to that girl (or guy).