Introduction: K-cup Sead Starters

My mother came up with this fantastic idea to reuse her K-cups instead of just throwing them out. (and goodness knows we use enough of them around here.

Step 1: Keurig K-cup

After a coffee (or other beverage) is made from the cup, dont throw it out. Set it aside and wait for it to cool down. You may want to set it on some paper towel because they do have some water in them still so they will leak a bit.

Step 2: Preparation

Once the cup is cool you can begin to take it appart. start by taking the foil off the top. We use a spoon to remove the grounds and put the on a piece of news paper. Once the grounds are out, remove the filter lining, then rinse the cup.
We save the grounds and the filters and put them in the garden. The filters are biodegradable and the grinds help to keep cats out of the gardens.

Step 3: Growing

Next we fill up the cups with dirt and put a few seeds in each. water them as nessary. (we mist them at first so as not to disturb the seeds by moving them around too much.) tooth picks and popsickle sticks acan be places into the outer cups if you put them in a try like we have, and then covered with a lid or with plastic wrap to keep the moisture in. Also if they are not in a trey you can place other empty cups upside down over them to keep in the moisture.
As the plants grow, the plastic wrap would need to be removed so that thye can continue to grow higher.  

Step 4: Side Notes

There is already a whole in the botom of the cup to allow drainage.

once the plants are too large for the cups, transplant them and use the cups again!

the cups can be placed on any kind of trey. we use plant treys and serving treys from the dollar store, as long as it had a small side.

permenant marker or sticker labels can be used to label and identify the plants. if you wish to use them again then stickers or labels are recomended.

this method reduces the waste from the k-cups and is good for your garden.

Good luck growing!

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