Love your sweet treats but are watching calories? How about knitting up some of these simple garter stitch (knit stitches only) ribbon candies? Use to decorate your Christmas tree, place some in a dish for a decoration, or use as package ornaments.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Fingering (sock, baby) weight yarn in 5 assorted colors, sample knit with Palette by Knit Picks, 100% wool.
US Size 1 (2.25mm) needles, your choice of two straight, or one circular
5 round chopsticks, dowels, pens, or pencils
Ribbons or cording for hanger

Approx. 1 ¼” wide, 7” long before shaping. 1 ¼”wide x 1 ½” tall when shaped.

8.3 sts x 15 rows = 1” in garter stitch

Step 2: Knit a Long Rectangle

CANDY STRIP - a single long rectangle
With Color A: Cast on 58 sts using the Long Tail (Sling-shot) cast on method.
Row 1: Knit. Cut Color A, leaving a tail for weaving in later.
Rows 2 & 3: Add Color B. Knit these 2 rows. Do not cut Color B but instead carry along the side “catching” the strand with Color C between the next 2nd and 3rd row.
Rows 4 – 7: Add Color C. Knit these 4 rows. Cut Color C
Rows 8 & 9: Pick up Color B. Knit these 2 rows. Do not cut Color B.
Rows 10 & 11: Add Color D, knit these 2 rows. Cut Color D
Rows 12 – 15: Pick up Color B, knit these 4 rows. Cut Color B.
Rows 16 & 17: Add Color A, Knit these 2 rows.
Bind off in Color A.

Step 3: Finishing & Shaping

Weave in all tails. With water, thoroughly wet your knitting, roll in a towel to blot out moisture.
Make 5 gentle folds alternating accordion style approx 1” apart (the extra inch is absorbed in the folds).
Thread a length of Color B yarn thru yarn darning needle. Starting at the bottom in the center, carefully push needle through all layers of the folded ornament in matching row (Row 3) of Color B. Take a small stitch in the “valley” between garter stitch ridges on the top, and return through all layers again to the bottom of the ornament. Do Not Pull Tight! Do not fasten off yet. Allow ornament to measure 1 ½” from top to bottom. Repeat with a second strand of yarn in the opposite side of the strip in Row 14.

Slide a chopstick, or other tool into each of the five folds. Adjust the two strand of yarn threaded through the folds to hold the folds together without pulling too tightly and secure these yarn ends.

Let ornament dry. Remove chopsticks. For hanging, attach a piece of ribbon gold cording or wire to the top of the ornament.
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