Introduction: Kalasam a Great Protector and Redevelopment Source

I Don't want to do any thing newly because our ancestors did a great design to protect us from lighting and if any natural calamities occur, for redevelopment the society, a storage is also plan in the same place even before 1000s of years.

We daily able to see it. Its nothing other than Kalasam in the temples of India.

Where we see

In all temples we found kalasam at the top of the temple tower (mostly ancient temples have this type of kalasam).

Step 1: Materials Used and Stored

Materials used

Kalasam is made of five metals combine to call impon.

1) Gold

2) Silver

3) Brass

4) copper

5) Lead.

Materials stored in Kalasam

Nine grains are stored in Kalasam called as Navadhanya

1) Barley

2) Ragi

3) Varagu

4) Thinai

5) Kambu

6) Horsegram

7) Saamai

8) Cholam

9) Paddy

Step 2: Protector

The metal Kalasam fitted above the temple tower is a good lighting conductor. So it product the surrounding place from lighting. So a ancient proverb exists that 'Dont live in a city where temple not present. Kalasam placed above 50 meters from ground over temple tower and its covers the area of 100 meter radius as lighting protector.

Step 3: Redevelopment Source

If any natural calamities like flood or tsunami occurs. All no materials exists. Grains stored inside the Kalasam is used to redevelop the food materials. But the grains stored in the Kalasam expires in 12 years. So a function contacted every 12 years as the name “Kudamuzhugu Vilzha”. is conducted and grains are changed in the Kalasam.

This is a technology even from BC. Our ancestors pre-plan every thing in ancient days for our current and future safety. See around your place and find the science beyond each activity done by our ancestors and merge it with our present scientific development.

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