Kale-acado Sandwich.

Introduction: Kale-acado Sandwich.

This is how to make a sandwich that you never really thought you would make, it is called Kale-acado sandwich.





Bread ( Can be any kind of bread.)

Step 1: Step:1 Gather Your Supplies.

Gather all of your supplies you need to make your Kale-acado sandwich.

Step 2: Step:2 Spread Avocado on the Bread.

This step is really important because it is one key ingredient to Kale-acado sandwich, Cut of the avocado in half and take some of it out, and spread it on one piece of bread as if you were making avocado toast.

Step 3: Step:3 Adding the Cucumber.

Cut 4 pieces of cucumber, and lay it down on the bread with avocado on it.

Step 4: Step:4 Adding Kale.

Kale is also another key ingredient because it is the kale in the Kale-acado sandwich, take a few pieces of kale, and add the kale to the top part of the piece of bread that has the avocado and cucumber slices on it.

Step 5: Step:5 Finish Up the Sandwich.

Put together the Kale-acado sandwich, and enjoy!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your sandwich! Looks very healthy :)