Introduction: *Katsudon / Japanese Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl

About: Hi, I was born and raised in Japan. I currently live in Canada. Please enjoy my recipe! Please check my YouTube channel. Thank you!

Hi, I made Katsudon this time! I can find katsudon at many Asian restaurant in Cananda but its good to make original yummy Katsudon:)


Step 1: Ingredients

2 servings

• 2 Tonkatsu • 1/2 onion • 4 eggs (2 eggs for each)

-Sauce- • 4 tbsp Tsuyu ( Japanese sauce) • 1 tsp soy sauce •1 tbsp mirin • 1 tbsp sake • 160 ml water

-Topping- • Green onion • Nori seaweed

Step 2: ​1.Make Sauce

Add Tsuyu ( I explained about What is Tsuyu at my Salmon don recipe. Please check it) and soy sauce, mirin, sake, water to the cup.

Step 3: Cut Onion Into Thinly Slices.

Step 4: Set Aside

Set aside Tonkatsu ( you can see how to make Tonkatsu at my previous recipe :) ). Cut them into 1 inch pieces.

Cut green onion and nori for topping. Prepare beaten eggs.

Step 5: Cook Onion

Add the sliced onion and the half of the sauce into a small pan.( because I made 2 servings. Make one by one please). Cook at medium heat until the onion soft.

Step 6: Cook Tonkatsu and Eggs

1. Add Tonkatsu.

2. Pour 2/3 of beaten eggs.

3. Cover and simmer for 2 - 3 min at medium heat (egg is still soft).

Step 7: Add Eggs Again

Add 1/3 of beaten eggs. cook about 30 second until the eggs is half cooked.(The egg is a little runny).

Step 8: Let's Serve!

Set aside a bowl of rice. Place them on the rice. Sprinkle green onion and Seaweeds.

*This is delicious! Good balance of sauce and Tonkatsu, eggs and Seaweed. I think Seaweeds is essential to Katsudon for me. I mean, for lots of Japanese food:)

*option..... Udon. I love this combination.

Thank you see you ~ !