Introduction: Kcam- Webcam With Mic & Speaker (usb) for Work From Home

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This is my first instructable and this is the time of lockdown when you are doing work from home and this project is also part from the work from home challenge for this please vote me so that I might win the contest. But please vote if you liked the project, it is not enforced on you.for this project I have used the old laptop cameras and microphones and speakers from the old cell phones and actually I am not spending much of money and extra utility for this webcam and this is going to help you when you are working from home. Actually many of the people use old model desktops and in this situation you can't buy new camp so this is much affordable and of couse built by you. 🙂🙂


Microphone & speaker (from old cell phone)
Camera from laptop
Old USB cable
Soldering kit(iron,solder and paste)

Step 1: Collecting Materials

You can detach the camera from a broken or damaged laptop. And we need Mic and small speaker (optional) which can be retrieved from an old cell phone. Mic can also be found from a broken earphone.

Step 2: Usb Connecting Port

For connection, USB cable would be the medium. So for this we are going to get the USB port from an old USB cable. Here I am using a cable from my old project.

Step 3: Camera Connection

Cameras of laptop or already in USB format so we don't need to do anything else then just connect in them with the USB cable. For this please follow the image.
Note - I recommend of extending small wires for easy connection later in the circuit.
For connection I preferred to start with ground wire and then the plus 5 volt wire and the rest data+ and data-

Step 4: Connecting Mic and Speaker

For connecting microphone there are two wires already provided in the circuit of the laptop's camera but if you have only four pins similar to as usb cable. Then, you can connect the mic to the d+ and d-. For speaker there's a simple connection just connect it with d+ and d-. For help please check out the images provided.

Step 5: Final Setup

After you are done with everything you are ready with webcam but before we start to use it we have to put it in a case. You can use anything desirable for this task. In my case I have use a cardboard box with little decoration because you know I am going to use it for online classes an online meeting and its for personal use so I don't think of giving it very artistic look. But you can try new ideas I would eagerly wait to know how made it. Plese post your version of Kcam-. Please vote if you like my project.

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