Introduction: Fixing Things With Tinkercad

About: Karan is a indian tech person. He loves to develop new things and hence he is here for the same.

From last 2 months there is lockdown in India I am teaching my students through online classes. I have only four students learning tinkercad. Which makes my work easy to teach them online as I am able to give them more time and help them out with their mistakes.

Recently I had heard of the distance learning with tinkercad contest so I thought of uploading projects of my students. But I was not sure of the theam of projects.

When the description of contest give me idea. I give all four of my student a homework to find a broken thing in their house and design replacement for it. In this instructables i am uploading all four of their projects and I am also going to provide the links so that you can also tinker them. All this are very simple things and I also don't expect something very great because all of them are beginners.



Step 1: Drawer Handle Replacement

This is a simple and handle replacement designed by the first student. Actually his drawer handle had got broken. Though everyone used to adjust but he pointed out the problem and came up with the solution.

This drawer is created with just box and cylinder shapes. He has also showed his smartness and provided two small cylindrical holes to insert the screw into it. I hope you would praise his work and you might also use this if you also need a similar kind of handle.

project link

Step 2: Replacement for Mop's Grip

This is the design by second student and she has found out the broken plastic grip of her Mop's handle. she has designed with all perfect measurements and she has used simply cylinder and ring shapes.

I don't know but with her smartness she has also provided for two different screws to fit inside. I have also thought of using this as my Mop's handle has grip just for name. This is going sort that problem out.

project link

Step 3: Oven/Stove Knob

This is the third project and actually this is from my cousin brother, whose project I had shared earlier. This project is actually designed with little complexity than the other.

Here different shapes are combined together with perfect measurements to result in a perfectly working knob.

project link

Step 4: Lithium Cell Cover

This is the fourth project my student Vishnu. He has a diabetes testing kit powered by lithium cells. But he family used to face problem with the cover as it used to pop out. Due to regular use one of the locks had got damaged, this resulted in this issue.

I liked this project the most due to its accuracy and finished work. All the locks where this designed very specifically. And this actually worked and the best thing I like it with my students project they have also use the perfect shade as the colour of the components.

project link

I hope you might have liked this projects.

**Till then work on and be safe**

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