Introduction: Keep Me Honest Plank

Here is a mat to help you when you are doing yoga. This may be a fun activity to have students use during a gym class or to create and than test out at gym.

As you plank there will be a timer on scratch, music, and inspirational quotes. When you come down you hit the button and the timer stops.


Aluminuim foil tape

Garden tarp and/or yoga mat. The length should be about your size. Makey Makey Wire or extra alligator clips. Scissors

Step 1: Make the Mat

  1. Cut the garden tarp so that it is about your height.
  2. Position the Aluminum tape on the mat so that it is only shoulder distance apart. You want to make sure that you put them on the mat so that it matches your body structure. Make the length of the tape enough so that you could go on your elbows or your hands. It will allow for different yoga poses. Put them on the front and back of the mat.
  3. In the middle of the mat tape another piece of aluminum tape or keep it unconnected to the map so you can move it around based on what move you are doing.
  4. You can use a yoga mat, but you will have to make sure the aluminum tape sticks to it and you may want to fold the aluminum tape at the top so you can hook the alligator clip to it.

Step 2: Program Scratch

This was the more challenging part. I am going to embed the link so that you can see the steps. I think if you play around with the coding you can definitely do other yoga poses with it.