Introduction: Keep Your Safety Googles Safe

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Most of the safety goggles I come across are all scratched up. That means they are hard to see through, and so they don't get worn in the first place, or they get removed when one can't see anything with them on. I am pretty sure most of the damage doesn't happen while they are worn (in which case they would be doing their job by taking the damage that would otherwise hit your face...). Most of the scratches happen while the goggles lie on a workbench or in a tool box and and get close and personal with their neighbors.

Step 1: Items Needed

Items needed:

  • a pair of unscratched safety goggles that fit you well so you will actually want to wear them
  • a 1/4" neodymium magnet; you may be tempted to use a bigger one but it's better not to. As your head gets close to something metal, suddenly the magnet on the side of the glasses can get stuck to that. So, a stronger magnet is not necessarily a better magnet in this case. Ask me how I know.
  • heat shrink tubing that is big enough to slide over the arm of the googles and the magnet
  • fun tac, blue tac or similar (tiny bit, like a 1/8" ball)
  • heat source to shrink the tubing (lighter or hot air gun or similar)

Step 2: Attach .25" Neodymium Magnet With Fun Tac or Similar

Attach the magnet to the arm of the googles with the fun tac. This will hold it in place while you get the heat shrink tubing set up and will stop it from rattling or sliding around later.

Step 3: Install Heat Shrink Tubing

Once the magnet is held in place with the fun tac, slide on the heat shrink tubing.

Next you will be working with heat, be sensible about it.

Apply heat to shrink the tubing in place. Move the heat source around a fair bit so you don't scorch the tubing or melt the plastic on the googles.

Step 4: That's It - Scratch Free Googles in Convenient Places

You now have safety goggles you can store so they won't get scratched and so they are available when you need them.

Hang them on a lamp over your work bench that you are likely to turn on when you start to work.

Hang them on stationary power tools near the switch so you remember to wear them.

Clip them to the lid of your tool box so they don't get scratched up by tools.

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