Introduction: Dish Glove Rack

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I hate the smell of dish gloves that got wet inside and didn't get a chance to dry because they were just thrown in that cupboard under the sink, where they also look messy.

I thought hanging them over the drain pipe might be better, but that's hard to get at and they are still flat so they still don't dry right.

So, I figured I'd make a rack for them.

Step 1: First Draft

I initially build one of these by cutting recesses for the branch pipes into a piece of 2x3. It never really held the arm pieces as well as I would have liked, but if you don't have access to a 3D printer you might be able to make a better one than mine out of wood...

I had this under my sink for several years, and it actually held not too well, but during some recent plumbing repairs I decided to upgrade to a 3D printed version.

Step 2: The STL File

I made a model in Alibre. Tried to upload the model here but Instructables doesn't seem to accept the file. I uploaded the .stl file that most 3D printers should be able to understand. I printed this on a uPrint with support, don't know if it would work without support.

Step 3: The Printed and Partly Assembled Rack

Step 4: Installed

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