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Introduction: Keep Your Travel Memories Alive

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One of my favorite ways to keep my travel memories is through the lens of my camera.

Photographs are the best way to capture what was happening in that precise moment and will make your memory go back to that place, that moment.

If you are a photography hobbyist you will find these tips super helpful. In this instructable I am showing you how to make your photographs look like if you were a professional.

Step 1: Tell a Story

Experts call these kind of photography "documentary photography". As the name suggests, it consists in capturing chronologically a set of activities so that when you put them all together they "tell a story". Do not only take some shoots when you are in the beach. Take your time and take photographs from the moment you get ready, you take your plane, you arrive to the hotel, etc.

Step 2: Be Natural

Natural pictures capture the feeling of the moment. You do not have to count to three so that everybody smile in the picture, you just need to capture the real expressions. Your photographs will be richer in this way. It is OK if you take some pictures planned but do not forget to include a lot of spontaneous shots.

Step 3: Do Not Forget the Details

Our memories are not only about faces and people, our memories include places, smells, sounds and tastes. Do not forget to capture those elements that will make you remember that delicious dinner you had, for example. In this way your photography will become multi-sensorial . Details are also a key part of telling a story, ensure you include them.

If you follow these simple tips you will enjoy even more your hobby and the time and space barriers will be eliminated every time you look at your pictures.


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