Introduction: Keep Your Safety Goggles Where You Use Them

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Safety goggles get scratched up. Then you can't see through them properly. So to see stuff you take them off when you try to get a really close look at that spring you are trying to fit... just before it jumps.

Most of the scratching up happens lying around, not while wearing them. Hanging them by an arm never seems to work long. So, I put a neodymium magnet on mine so I can put them on my lamp. I think I will put together some more for other spots (drill press, etc).

Step 1: Supplies

  • heat shrink tubing (could use electrical tape but it won't last as nice and will get sticky), eg from Princess Auto or electronics stores
  • neodymium magnet, eg from Princess Auto
  • safety goggles (these are with 3+ bifocals, great for tiny stuff), eg from Princess Auto
  • heat source to shrink the tubing, aka lighter, hot air gun would work too but you might melt the whole goggles...
  • optionally some fun tak, makes it easier to assemble

Step 2: Putting It Together

  1. fun tack magnet where you want it
  2. cut a piece of heat shrink tubing and slide over, put printing on the inside
  3. heat it up to shrink the tubing