Keeping Cool During Work or Play

Introduction: Keeping Cool During Work or Play

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You might think it's hot at the beach or camping but try this on for size.

Step 1:

Put on your steel toed boots and cotton socks, throw on some leather gloves. Now put on a cotton Tshirt, underwear and jeans. Top it all off with a one piece fire retardant suit, a hardhat and glasses. I prefer cotton not only for it's ability to wick away sweat but the fact that synthetic polyester clothes have to be removed with a wire brush in the burn ward.

Step 2: Go Work

Now go to work on a windless 35 degree (95 for you imperialists) day and carry around pipe and wrenches all day on hard packed dirt. Just for fun carry a radio, a gas detector and wear a climbing harness too.

Step 3: Add the Usual.

Don't forget to add a flame as big as bus beside your work area...

Step 4: How to Deal With It.

First shave your head (optional)

Step 5: Get Some Water Bottles.

You will need these anyway so you quite literally don't die. Put them in the freezer.

Step 6: Wait.

Overnight will do it.

Step 7: Ta Da!

Frozen liquid life! Put them in your pockets and work in (relative) comfort all day! If you get the chance to sit down put them at the small of your back to cool your kidneys which cools your blood. Or if you don't mind a little shrinkage there are other places on the human body with good blood flow.... ahem. You can also drink them as they thaw and the extra ones keep your lunch kit cool. You can remove a bit of water from the bottles to prevent splitting. I find the cheap water bottles don't need it since the bottom rounds out but stronger bottles like Aquafina need some water removed or they will pop their caps.

Step 8: Useful Elsewhere.

So give it a try! Go hiking and throw a bunch in your backpack. Go on vacation where it is so hot the plastic wet floor sign actually melted to the hotel lobby floor. All you need is water which you were bringing anyway. I hope you find this useful. Keep cool folks!

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    3 years ago

    I wish this was practical for me.... I aready wear a tool belt that gets in my way....