Introduction: Kegco 541 Regulator Wrench

The regulator (KegCo 541) has a "large hand control" for adjusting the regulator pressure. The problem was there was too much effort required to turn the hand control.

I took basic measurements and used 123d to make a 3d model of a wrench to make adjusting the regulator easier.

This is a successful job, it fits tightly and doesn't feel like it will wear out too soon. The pressure adjustment is very easy now and feels natural.

Basic Workflow
Take measurements of target object, write in notebook. Load 123d in browser. Use n-sided geometric object maker in 123d to make 6 sided shape with dimensions desired. Remove as much material as possible while saving some for strength. Save object. Send print to Shapeways for qoute, about $40. Ran into friend who just built a 3d printer, lucky me !? Email him zip attachment, next weekend he gives me the piece! See attachment if you want to reproduce. thanks for looking! My related Instructable -