Introduction: Key Bow Replacement

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Have you ever experienced your plastic key bow broken? Cupboard or drawer keys are nowadays comes with plastic key bow. This is the key of my business drawer which I open and close about 50 times a day or more. I can't believe it takes 7 years before it breaks :P Moreover I used to put it on my back pocket, sit on it everyday. Now I lost its bow. I glued it for a couple of times before I break it totally to un-glue-able form. I even tweak it with paperclip as the bow, but it didn't last for long (I lost the picture of it).

This is my key before :

This is my key without its bow :

Well I should admit that today's trend using 3D printer is the answer to fix my key, but that beyond my budget :( I need to think for another alternative.

Step 1: Split Washer Is What I Use

I am surrounded by heavy duty parts and this is what I get to fix my key. Split washer. It has a very narrow gap on its split and it will hold the key tight in there. I clip my key with solder third hand helper. I hold the split washer with tongs, then I push it open with a screwdriver until it is wide enough for the key to slip in.

It is already strong enough this way. But I don't want to risk dropping the key somewhere someday.

Step 2: Hot Glue

I use hot glue to make it more sturdy and also covering the sharp edge of it. Shoot some glue on the joint, then shape it with the hot metal of the gun either ball shape or square shape.

Always clean your glue gun after use.

Step 3: How Long Will It Last?

I think this one is durable ^_^

But only time can tell ...

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