Introduction: Keyboard Basics

Playing the keyboard is one of my hobbies. If you don't know how to play it seems like lots of white and black buttons. If you practice it, playing the keyboard will be very easy. So I will teach you the basics. P.S You can also use the skills on the piano.

Step 1: White Keys

I will now teach you the white notes so pay attention. The first note is C. The second one is D. The third one is E. The fourth one is F. The fifth one is G. The sixth one is A. The seventh one is B. C is also the last one.

Step 2: Black Notes

Now the black notes aren't that important as a beginner. When you play more complicated pieces there will probably be black notes. The first note is C sharp. The second note is E flat. The third note is F sharp. The fourth note is A flat. The fifth note is B flat. The last note is also C sharp.

Step 3: C Chord

Now we will learn about chords. The first one is C. You make a C chord by holding the C, E and G notes together.

Step 4: F Chord

The second natural chord is the F chord. To make a F chord hold the F, A and C notes.

Step 5: G Chord

The G Chord is the last natural chord. To make a G chord you hold the G, B and D notes.

Step 6: Make a Song

Now that you've learned everything you need to know for a beginner try and make a song with the notes you have learned. Also, keep on learning the keyboard.
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