Introduction: Keyboard Prank

In this instructable, I will show you a very simple prank, that works on any windows computer. And it does no harm, and is easily reversible.

Step 1: What Does It Do?

The following steps will enable a mode in windows, that lets you use a different keyboard layout.

Step 2: Enable Dvorak Mode

Get on the persons computer, you want to prank.

Goto Start>Control Panel.

Then Click Date,Time,Regional Options.

Once inside D,T,RO.  Click Regional and Language Options

Step 3: Enable Dvorak

Now click details

Now click Add...(pic 2)

select English US, and US-Dvorak in the second box(pic 3) then click ok.

Then hit apply

Step 4: Add Shortcut

Now click Key Settings

Now click on the box labeled "Switch to English-Dvorak"(pic 2)

1.Then click the check box by Enable Key Sequence
2.Change that number to 1

Hit ok

Do the same with "Switch to English-US", but change the number to 2.

Hit Ok three times.

Step 5: Watch Them Be Confused.

Now to switch to the other layout, hit Alt+Shift+1.  Now their keyboard will seem like it is typing the wrong character.  When they go to find someone to fix it, Hit Alt+Shift+2 to change it back.

Have Fun!!!!