Introduction: Keyboard Flash Drive

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This is a key board flash drive!! Happy building!! NOTE I'm not response boll  if you get hurt! IF you like what I build than please Subscribe to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need:
Flash drive,
key board,
screw driver,
Hot glue gun (With glue sticks)

Step 2: Un Screw

UN screw the key board.

Step 3: A Key

Now poke a key out the size of your flash drive (two keys the size of the flash drive)

Step 4: Flash Drive

 Now decase your flash drive take a knife put in the side case on your flash drive  and per it open.

Step 5: Drill!

 Now drill out your key board keys the little thing that is in side it.

Step 6: Done!!!

Now put your flash drive in the one of the key board keys then put the other one on top of the bottle of the key and hot glue them together and your done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!