Introduction: Keychain Wristlet - D Ring Version

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 This fabric keychain is worth more than it's weight in gold when you've got your hands full with shopping, pets, kids, whatever. It uses the readily obtainable D ring instead of the harder to find [and more expensive] keyfob hardware. It is sturdy, washable and can take a beating in your bag but still look great. Most of all you don't have to waste time looking for your keys.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need

1 x D ring [approx 3 cm diameter]
1 x medium weight cotton fabric at least 6cm x 35cm
1 x fusible interfacing 6cm x 35cm
1 x fusible interfacing 3cm x 35cm
1 x cotton tape [non adhesive woven tape] approx 3cm wide x 33cm
Polyester sewing thread

Sewing machine
Ruler/Tape Measure

Step 2: Iron, Cut, Measure, Iron

 a. Iron the fabric. This step is essential.
b. place the pre-cut 6cmx 35cm interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, shiny side down as shown in photograph.
c. Iron interfacing to fabric.
d. Measure midpoint of 6cm end of fused interfacing/fabric and mark with an erasable fabric marker.
d. Check the width of the D ring with the cotton webbing. If the webbing is about the same size as the D ring like mine is, then trim the 3 X 35 piece of interfacing to match the width of the webbing.
e. Find midpoint of the recently trimmed interfacing and mark.
f. Match midpoint marks of both pieces [interfacing and fused piece], interfacing shiny side down.
g. Iron interfacing to fused piece

Step 3: Fold and Iron

a. Fold the long side edge over using the edge of the middle interfacing as a guide. Iron the crease and repeat on the other side. The long sides should overlap a little.
b. Place cotton tape 1cm from the end, running down the length of the newly formed strap, covering the long raw edge. The tape should stop about 1cm from the end.

Step 4: Sew Tape to Strap

a. Using a 3mm stitch and topstich or jeans needle, sew close to the edge of the tape, thus attaching it to the strap and covering the raw edges at the same time. Sew all 4 sides of the tape to the strap. It should now look like the 2nd attached photo.

Step 5: Closing the Loop

a. Trim any loose threads or uneven edges.
b. Thread D ring onto the strap. 
c. With right side of the strap together,match raw edges and stitch 2mm from the end.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

a. Turn loop so that the fabric side is on the outside.
b. Fold the raw edge in about 1cm on the inside.
c. Stitch the 1cm fold to the loop. See picture for clarity!
d. Slide D ring so that it is just above the folded and stitched 1cm. Fold loop over at ring and pinch together.
e. Stitch through all layers on square. See picture.
f. If you think it needs extra strength, do some extra stitching lines to reinforce. Trim loose threads and voila! Finished. 

For extra ideas, see the associated instructable Keychain Wristlet.