Introduction: Không Chỉ Là Cộng Hưởng Âm_how to Make Resonator for Mobile Phone

  1. Phone box
  2. Resonator
  3. You can play video!

Step 1: Preparation

1. 3 pieces of wood (metal, glass.... )*(10,5*19,5; 10,5*19,5; 1*3)

2. Ruler, pencil, knife( or saw),

3. Glue.

>>LET'S GO<<

Step 2: Cutting It Into Pieces With the Size As in the Picture

Remember to make a hole to put your phone in.

The hole has the size of your phone.

Step 3: Using Glue to Stick the Bottom of Two Pieces That We've Cut

Step 4: Using Glue to Stick Another Part

Step 5: Now Cutting Redundant Parts

Step 6: ... and Decorating in the Way You Love. U Can Use Colorful Paper to Make It Look Better Than Mine.

Step 7: Enjoying the Result

That's everything u need for enjoying music the best without having to spend money for something expensive.

Youtube Video


Part 2

Part3- least