Introduction: Khem Vertical Garden

A vertical garden with a checkered layout.


Wood, soil, screws, L-shaped metal brackets, drill, saw, plants.

Step 1: Cutting the Wood

With your provided shop bot, cut 16 6in x 2ft pieces for the front and 16 6in x 6in for the sides. You would also need 6in x 4ft for the poles that the boxes will go on and you will cut 8 6in x 2ft bottom pieces.

Step 2: Building and Setting Up the Boxes

Connect 2 6in x 2ft pieces with 2 6in x 6in pieces with a 6in x 2ft piece on the bottom and drill them together with nails of your choice. You will be making a box with these pieces. Then, drill the 4 6in x 4ft poles on a wall around 18in away from each other and drill the boxes onto the poles with a checkered pattern.

Step 3: Putting Soil and Plants in the Garden

Put desired amount of soil in the boxes and plant desired plants. Enjoy gardening! :)

Step 4: Additional Resources

Link to Budget List:

(Materials Are Also Listed There)