Introduction: Kicker Ramp Made From Old Wooden Pallet

I was bored on a Saturday morning so I decided to make this out of some wood we had laying around. Here is one way to make something fun out of garbage. all you need is a wooden pallet, some screws or nails, a screwdriver or hammer, preferably a pry bar, and a jigsaw. A circular saw would make strait cuts easier but you don't need it.

Step 1: Break Apart the Pallet

The first thing you have to do is break apart the pallet. I did this with a hammer and pry-bar.

Step 2: Remove the Nails

one you got all the boards separated you need to remove all the nails from the boards.

Step 3: Cut the Boards

I just cut all the boards in half to determine the width of the ramp. you could cut them shorter if you want.

Step 4: Cut the Sides

I just used a piece of half-inch plywood for the sides. to determine the curve I used a bendy piece of metal, bent it, and traced the curve. then I cut it out with a jig-saw.

Step 5: Cut the 2by4's

cut the 2by4's to an inch shorter than the boards earlier. these are going to bet the internal supports for the ramp.

Step 6: Screw in the Supports

It is important that when you screw in the supports that the sides are perpendicular to the ground. I just screwed in two screws per each side of the supports.

Step 7: Nailing in the Planks

the last step you need to do is nail in the planks on the top. you could use screws, actually, that would be better but we ran out of screws so we used nails. If you wanted to you could use a rectangle of plywood for the ramp surface for a slightly smother jump, but using planks like this gives a better grip.

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