Introduction: Marbled Ceramic Cup

this is a fun project that I did with my ceramics wheel in my shed. its really easy and you can use all sorts of colors.


All the supplies are two or three types of clay, (I used red and white clay), then all the regular ceramics supplies, like a pottery wheel, throwing tools, and a kiln.

Step 1: Prep the Clay

The first thing you need to do is get about six little balls of different kinds of clay. Then you shmoosh (yes that's a real word) them together being careful not to get any air bubbles stuck in between them, Finally you wedge (kneed) the clay to mix the colors, make sure that you don't do it too much or the colors will blend together more than you want.

Step 2: Throw Your Cup

You can use whatever method you want for trowing your cup. but try to raise/pull it as little times as posible because the more you touch it the more the colors will blend together. when you finish throwing the cup you need to scrape all the slip off with a metal rib to expose the marbled clay.

Step 3: Trim and Add a Handle

You don't necessarily need to trim it, but I have found that I reveals the patterns in the clay better. you don't need to add a handle either but I did for some of mine.

Step 4: Fire and Glaze

I have found that it looks best when you glaze the inside of your cup, the handle if you have one, and the rim but you don't have to glaze at all if you don't want.

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