Introduction: Kids Bracelet From a Coffee Cup

In my opinion, Kidz don't  really fancy coffee or have a taste for it. However, with this idea the kids, surely, will  want you to have more coffee in "Disposable Cups"

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Coffee Cup
2. Pencil / Marker
3. Scale
4. Scissors / Craft Knife
5. Binding Wire
6. Decorative


7. Loads of Creativity and Imagination

Step 2: Start With a Coffee Cup

Cut off the base and one side to open the cup.

Mark margin of 2cm on each side (length wise)of the cup. This provisions a locking system for the bracelet. 

Step 3: Continue...........

Mark arches in line, along the shape of the cup. This can be 1/2" in width. The arch is marked only between the margins.

Every alternate block of the arch has to be cut off without cutting the margin.

Step 4: Continue.......

Once the skeleton of the bracelet is done, the locking system has to be fixed, use the binding wire for the same of length 1 1/2". This has to be pasted from the bottom of the margin between each arch.

When the bracelet is worn, this binding wire can be interlocked to hold the overlapping margins together. You can also paste an additional layer of paper cup to the layer where the binding wire is fixed, for extra support .

Step 5: The Final Step

The final step - embellishment of the bracelet, this is where one need to use the last item on the "Materials Required" list - LOADS OF CREATIVITY.

The bracelet can be embellished with accessories like beads, shells, decorative threads, rivet, paint, the list is endless and is only limited to your imagination.

However, for illustration I've only used a Nylon Ribbon in simple criss cross.

Step 6:

Coffee Cup Challenge

Finalist in the
Coffee Cup Challenge