Introduction: Kids Build - My First Robot Arm

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My Dad keeps telling me I am an engineer but I don't think so and it makes me shy and blush. I do like robots so he bought me a robot arm kit from the internet called the MeArm. It is a great kit and you can buy one from

There are some very good instructions on how to build it but I did need a little help in places.

This is how I did it..

Step 1: Assemble Your Kit and Tools

I laid out my kit and made sure that all the pieces were there. I found that a couple of pieces were missing and a friend emailed the company that supplied it. Apparently they were really nice and sent the parts out. I want to say thank you because they are awesome.

I didn't need many tools, just some screwdrivers.

Step 2: Start the Build

Well if I was honest this build took me quite a few days. I worked on it after school down at my makerspace. They were very nice and left me to it. Occasionally I asked for help ad someone came over and showed me a way that I could help myself. I liked this because I felt like I was learning and not being pressured.

Step 3: Tough Screws

The hardest part of the assemble was that the robot arm kept moving while I was screwing. I had to wrestle it under my arm sometimes to get the screws in. This made my dad laugh and he took photos of me, eventually he helped with some of the screws.

Step 4: I Have a Super Shiny Robot Arm

Well I am feeling all tingly now that I have built my first robot arm. I am not sure how I make it move but some of the makers in my makerspace have said that they will show me how to hook it up to an Arduino.

I am not really sure what that is and it sounds a bit scary but I will update my Instructable when I have more to add.

Thanks for looking.

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