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After I started wearing the slippers I made here:, my 5 year old granddaughter told her Mom that she wanted slippers for Christmas.  I decided I would make slippers for each of the 4 grandkids which will be in our home on Christmas day.  I spent 12 hours trying to come up with my own pattern.  Total failure, so I came did a Google search and came up with this pattern:  The pattern its self is free, but you would need to pay for the pattern for the animal faces.  I had another idea in mind, so I just created the slippers and created my own decorative face decorations.  This is how I did it.

Step 1:

4 ply acrylic yarn (I used left over stuff in my yarn stash)
Size 7 or 8 knitting needles
Tape measure
Copy of the knitted slipper pattern (found here:

Step 2:

This is a simple pattern, you need to know how to cast on, cast off, knit, and knit 2 together.  I used the large size on the pattern to fit my granddaughter’s feet.  When I got to the end of the pattern I was confused, until I followed the directions and took the last stitches off the needle and folded it in half as instructed. 

Step 3:

Well what do you know; it’s shaped like a stocking.  Hurray! 

Step 4:

I whip stitched the font closed and I whip stitched up the back. 

Step 5:

I then turned it inside out,

Step 6:

and folded down the cuff, I looked just like the slippers in the picture. 

Step 7:

Repeat for the second slipper.

Step 8:

Now here is where I put forth my creativity, and created my own decorations to attach to the front of each slipper.

Felt, a variety of colors ($.50 a square)
Embroidery floss (used whatever I had in my floss box)
Embroidery needles
10 mm black safety eyes ($1 for 8)
Small amount of batting (left over from past projects)
Tin snips (not shown)
Pictures of ideas to work from
Puff  fabric paint white, ($1 per bottle)

Step 9:

First I wanted to make the slippers so that my grandkids wouldn’t slip on the wood floors while wearing them, especially the baby who is walking and won’t wear socks because he slips while wearing them.  So I did a Google search and discovered that people were using puff fabric paint to make the bottom of slippers (etc.) less slippery.  I didn’t have any so I bought one bottle of white.

Step 10:

Once the slippers were completed, I turned them over so that the soles were up.  I used the puff paint to draw designs onto the sole of each slipper.  For the Granddaughter, I put little hearts.  Repeat on the other slipper. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 11:

While the soles were drying, I make faces to put sew on to the front of each slipper.  The granddaughter is crazy for “Hello Kitty”. I took a picture of “Hello Kitty”, and drew the pattern of the face and cut 4 heads out of white felt, (2 for each slipper). 

Step 12:

I cut little holes where the eyes would be and put the safety eyes in their places. I used the tin snips to cut off the backs (of the safety eyes) that protruded too far.

Step 13:

 I used white yellow embroidery floss to satin stich a little nose. 

Step 14:

I used white floss to whip stitch the front of the face to the back of the head.  When I had just a little hole open, I stuffed the face with a little of the batting. 

Step 15:

Then I finished closing up the face.  Last but not least, I used black floss to sew on the whiskers and add the little bow infront of the right ear. 

Step 16:

I whip stitched the back of the head to the inside of the slipper, so that it rested on the front of the foot.  To make it stable, I whip stitched it in two places. 

Step 17:

For the three grandsons, I made square monster faces, using the safety eyes and white floss to statin stitch the teeth in place.  Done!  I showed the completed slippers to the grandkids Mom’s.  They love them.  Hope the grandkids love them too.  Enjoy!
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