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So we Love having Nerf wars in our house, so it only felt natural to have a Nerf Birthday Party for my son.

Step 1: Plan Ahead!

So we knew we were doing this type of party so we planned ahead, way ahead and ordered extra darts and prize tickets from Aliexpress. They are way cheaper, decent quality and available in way more colors but take FOREVER to show up (ordered 3m in advance, showed up 2m later).

Step 2: Hit Up the Arsenal.

Next you need the Guns. If you don’t have enough on hand borrow some from friends and family, or even tell the kids to bring their favorite one with them if they want. Above is our Nerf wall, like I said we love Nerf.

Step 3: You Got a Friend in Me.

Next thing you need is people to run the games. We used family members but anybody would work.

Step 4: Where Did It Go?

Lastly the Cake. My wife made a Camo Cake with some Nerf Gun attachments. After making the cake batter she separated it into multiple piping bags and used different food colors to make it different shades of the camo. Then piped in the different colors in random spots to get the desired look. We are definitely not bakers or cake bosses, above is the cake inside and out.

Each child got five admission tickets for each game to follow

Step 5: DartBoard Balloon Pop

Shot the balloons and pop’em. Different color of paper inside gets you different prize ticket amounts.

With this game we went to Michael’s (Scraping Store) and got two-sided tape squares (or just use folded over tape) and stuck them to a board (Used one from a storage crate I had). Then we put different color paper in the balloons and blew them up. Next we modified some Nerf mega darts by removing the soft head, placing a push pin in the middle of the soft head and gluing the soft head back on.

Note: Make sure you choose a gun that won’t have any problems with the added length of the push pin.

Step 6: Gun Golf

Shoot the balls off the Tee. The more you knock down the more tickets you win.

I cut a 2x4 into 3 different length pieces, found the center of each piece and screwed them together. I spray painted it cause I’m like that. Next I drilled holes in the middle of the open area of each board and on each side big enough to fit a golf tee in. Dropped some white glue in the holes and stick in the tee. Just used whatever small balls we had laying around.

Step 7: Can Shoot

Knock the cans over. The more cans knocked down, the more tickets you get.

This one we ordered from amazon and just set them up.

Step 8: Tissue Paper Plate Tear

Shoot out the tissue paper and win tickets.

This one took forever because we didn’t know how many to make (and we made TOO MANY). We got Styrofoam plates (100, way too many) and used a small glass plate as a template to make all the circles the same size. Once the hole was cut we then placed glue on the back around the hole and stuck on the tissue paper. Make sure the paper is on tight or it could be tough to break thru. I then used a board, stapled different length strings to the board and tied bulldog clips on the ends of the strings. Clip on the plates and replace them when they rip.

Step 9: Hole in a Box

Shoot in the hole. Different sized holes gets you different ticket amounts.

This one is easy. Get a box, cut different sized holes in it. Spray paint if you want to.

Step 10: Whats Your Name

Give them 2 darts more than the number of letters in their name. Win tickets for every letter they get.

This one was messy so we used plastic drop cloth from the dollarstore. We cut out letters from card stock and randomly placed them on a few sheets of bristle board. Used some easy clean craft paint and dipped a dart in it.

NOTE: The person working this station should not have a problem with getting messy.

Step 11: ALL OUT WAR

Last but not least, ALL OUT WAR. After cleaning up the games and moving around some tables, we thru out 5000 dart and let loose the kids of war. We bought “party” glasses from the Dollarstore for the kids so none of them would shot their eye out. Each kid was also giving their own Nerf Jolt for the War and to keep. After the War was over they got to keep whatever darts they could find.

Step 12: EndGame

So you are asking, “Why all these tickets?” We went to the Dollarstore and our local party store (Glow Promotions) and got candy, toys and other items for the kids to pick from using the tickets they earned and that was used as their party grab bag to bring home.

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