Kids Scooter

Introduction: Kids Scooter

About: I work as a maintenance tech. for North Dakota State University. I like to do fun little project ts around the house with my kids.

Cheep and easy kids toy.

Step 1: Find Something for the Kids to Do

My kids wanted me to make something for them to ride on.
Step 1: look through garage for supplies.

Step 2: Supplies

For this project I used a 1/2 inch by 12 inch by 6 foot board.
8 inch piece of 4x4 wood
Furniture casters. The larger the better. I used what I had on hand, small plastic casters.
1x2 by 12 inch piece of wood.
PVC pipe

Step 3: Assembly

Cut board so you have enough room for your child to sit. Use leftover piece as seat back.
Use 4x4 piece of wood to hold seat back, cut 4x4 a comfortable angel.
Screw your pieces to the main board.
Screw your 1x2 piece of wood to the end of the board to make a foot rest.
Screw all 4 casters on to the bottom of the main board, in the corners.
Cut 2, 3 foot lengths of PVC.
Have fun!

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