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Introduction: Kid's Stage Makeup

About: I'm Lauren, I love to sew, act, sing, and do stage makeup. Check out my tutorials for things even kids can do!

It's really hard to find a tutorial for stage makeup to use on kids! I'm going to take you through the steps of a simple makeup tutorial using very few, and simple products that you can find even at a drug store.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Gather the supplies you need:

-Foundation a couple of shades darker than your skin.

-Makeup sponge


-Blush & blush brush

-Eyeshadow in natural colors


-Eyeshadow brushes

-Eyelash curler (Not shown.)

Step 2: Wash Your Face

Put you hair up and start out with a clean face by exfoliating or simply rinsing it. Rub some chap stick on your lips to soften them.

Step 3: Clean the Sponge

Squeeze and soak up water into your foundation sponge then wring it out.

Step 4: Apply Foundation

Pump your liquid foundation, I used TrueBlend by Covergirl, onto the back of your hand and apply like you normally would making sure to blend down your neck, too. If you have powder, you can use that as well.

Step 5: Blush!

Take your blush, I used Pearlescent Pink by Wet 'n' Wild, swipe it up and down your cheeks all the way to your temples.

Step 6: Fill in Your Eyebrows

Use a color a little darker than your eyebrows on your eyeshadow pallet and fill them in with an angled brush.

Step 7: Eyeshadow

Start out by spreading the lightest color across your eyelids. Take a light brown and put that in the outside corners of your eyes. Now find your darkest color and swipe it in your crease and lightly under your brow bone.

Step 8: MORE Eyeshadow

Go back to your lightest color and put that on the inside corners of your eyes and right under your water line.

Step 9: Curl Your Eyelashes

Step 10: Apply Mascara

Apply your mascara making it heavier on the outside.

Step 11: Apply Your Lipstick

Put on your lipstick how you normally would.

Step 12: You're Done!

Have fun on stage!

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    wow you did really good


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    Peach girl, what's your request?

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    I have a request for you


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    6 years ago

    wonderful idea sewyoung I will do it once I get home from Texas. I will post a picture when it's done