Introduction: Kill Switch Paddle for Dewalt DW-745

This is a kill switch "paddle" for the DW-745. I have the model without this "paddle" and it can be a bit iffy turning the saw off. This solution is designed so it doesn't require any modifications to the saw and is very simple to install.

Step 1: Making the Bracket

Print out "Template_bracket" and glue or transfer "TEMPLATE 1:1" to a small piece of aluminum sheet, I used 1 mm. Cut, drill and bend.

Step 2: Print the Stl File

Start your 3D print of "Paddle_final.stl"

Step 3: Assembly

Assemble the paddle to the bracket using 2 M3 screws.

Step 4: Installation

  • Unplug the saw
  • Remove the two screws (see pic).
  • Slide the bracket and paddle assembly behind the switch and line up the holes.
  • Refit the screws.

Step 5: For More Info..