Introduction: Kimchi Mozzarella Rice

Have you ever thought that kimchi and cheese could go together? This one has both cheese and kimchi in one food! It has a taste that no other food has.(and it's amazing) So I decided to share my recipe with you. It might be a bit spicy, but I'm sure you would like it. You might think that this food is hard to make. However, if you try making it, it will be easier than you think. Also, you can put some less kimchi if you don't want it too spicy. I'm sure you would like it.


- A frying pan

-a bowl


Step 1: Ingredients

-rice(1 bowl is enough for a person)

-canola oil(2 teaspoon)

-oyster sauce(1 teaspoon or 1 1/2)

-kimchi(100g -150g)

-tuna(1 can)

-mozzarella cheese(50g)

Step 2: Fry Kimchi

Put your pan on your stove and turn it on. (Don't turn it all the way)

Put two teaspoons of oil in your pan. Put Kimchi and fry it.(mix them so that kimchi won't burn)

Step 3: Fry Kimchi and Tuna

Put a can of tuna in and fry it too.

You need to mix kimchi and tuna well while they're being fried.

Fry it until the color of kimchi becomes brownish.

Step 4: Put Rice In

When the color of the kimchi get brownish, put the rice and fry it.

Mix them well. You have to mix it constantly while it's being fried. (or else it would burn)

Step 5: Put Oyster Sauce

Put 1 teaspoon of oyster sauce. You can put some more if you want to.

Mix it well, so that the oyster sauce spreads.

Step 6: Put Mozzarella Cheese

Cut mozzarella cheese into small pieces.

Put mozzarella cheese in, and close the lid.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Food

When the cheese melts you can take out the lid and eat it.

Enjoy your food!

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