Introduction: Kindergarten Science Project

This project incorporates learning science through art. Students will be taking photos of nature and then drawing what the photo may look like in another season. This specific science standard is in kindergarten as well as the visual arts standard. Here you can knock out two birds with one stone in a fun interactive lesson. 

Step 1: Taking the Photograph

Have the students take a picture of a tree. It can be any tree as long as the photograph is of the tree during its current time (it is winter in this picture). The students will be using this picture to describe the seasons. 

Step 2: Analyzing the Photo

Have the students analyze the photographs that they have taken. Have them think of ideas and things that they notice about the tree. If they are capable, have them note these down in a list format. Then have the students start thinking about what the trees might look like during the spring season. Do the same thing here, have them list ideas in their head or on paper if they are capable. 

Step 3: Drawing the New Season

Tell the students to draw the tree in the spring season. They are going to use the photo they have and redraw the picture as if it were the spring season. Encourage the students by asking questions such as: What might the tree have in the spring that it doesn't now? What colors are you going to use to represent leaves? Ask probing questions to help them draw. 

Step 4: Final Product

The students should now have a final piece of art along side their photos that they have taken. The drawings should indicate the students understanding of the different seasons. Now, instead of snow and cold colors, the students should have a colorful picture that indicates that spring has arrived. There should be flowers and lots of green as life is coming back to greet us. 

Step 5: Materials

Here are the materials needed

1. paper
2. photograph of tree
3. colored pencils, markers, or crayons 

Step 6: Lesson Plan and Rubric

Attached is the entire lesson plan and rubric that you can do with your class. 

Kindergarten Science Project