Introduction: Kindness Drawers in Belfast N. Ireland

KINDNESS DRAWERS in Belfast Northern Ireland.


Step 1: Kindness Drawers for Belfast Homeless

Purchased 4 sets of 4 high plastic drawers, created a wooden frame to mount them and stick them together, set them on a small pallet, put thought provoking comments on the drawers. Put into Belfast and cable tied to a wall. Progress of this social experiment via or H I Pod on Facebook. No food products encouraged

Step 2: How Kindness Drawers Work

As part of the social experiment the Kindness Drawers have been set out in Belfast city centre, the public drop unrequired items into the drawers and homeless street sleepers take what they need, the items include clothing, toiletries, hats, scarfs, gloves, tooth brushes, shower gel, tampax, shampoo and even books. We recommend the items are put into clear sealed bags to prevent any damp getting onto garments.

Whilst there was a little negativity towards the drawers from neigh people will steal from them, they will get vandalized etc

The drawers have been successfully working for over a month and the way we look at it if someone needs to steal from a homeless guy then they are in as much need for the item as the street sleeper! Love to all and spread the love!