Introduction: SCOOBY DOO VAN

Trasformation in to Scooby Doo Van.

Step 1:

forget all your super cars for getting cool attention! This mystery machine van was about to end up in the scrap heap and was originally saved from that fate as it was going to be used as a play house for kids toys, The vehicle was suitable due to its compact size and the fact it has no electric windows or central locking, 2 very dangerous items in a car with kids around. Also the radio was wired so music could be played with out the need for keys to be left in the ignition. then we decided it looked the shape of a mystery machine, having priced vinyl wrap i near passed out then thought just gloss paint it by hand, after all it was only a step away from the crusher. So the team aged 39, 8 & 6 got the hand paint brushes out the kids painted the bottom half and the taller daddy bear painted the top, simple vinyl graphics were applied for the writing on the side and a one way vinyl was applied to the rear window allowing visibility from within. we used one way on the sides also but the finished quality was poor due to all the bumps etc so we stuck with solid vinyl. normal gloss paint was used, we tried a few clear varnishes and lacquers over he paint to protect it but it reacted with the paint and created bubbles so we just left well enough alone. the wheels are simple covers painted, the flowers are mounted on magnetic vinyl so kids can decorate the van with their own flower design to encourage interactivity when the vehicle is static. a led strip from ebay highlights the window and adds a bit of bling, the interior is just as standard with a few scooby doo cushions scattered about so if you have any ideas i would love to hear them.