Kingdom's Sandals

Introduction: Kingdom's Sandals

About: (love to share) some projects simply translate or modification of an existing project

photo just a variation ;p

Step 1: Materials You Need

one fruit tree branch

umbrella nails 2 pieces

nail 8 pieces

wooden board size according to your foot (you can sawing own or order the carpenter) 2 pieces

wooden planks to toe slippers (size adjustable) 4 pieces

Step 2: The Making

pliers cut twigs with the same thickness

puree corners with sandpaper

nail with umbrella nails

Step 3: Preparations Footwear

nail toe sandals slippers on a pedestal

Step 4: Finish

pairs of spikes umbrella

make sure the meeting on the sidelines of the foot so that when wearing sandals will not be missed

I use materials that are not used
if you want to look good use the boards or wood that has texture

note : to find key inspiration teklek; geta in google

enjoy :p

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    5 years ago

    OMG I can't imagine how painful these things would be to wear...I would rather not wear anything if I had to wear these...and they are just so ugly...


    Reply 5 years ago

    It's just a way of making it. You can wear a nice board . Light not heavy . less painful to wear it seems ..