Introduction: Paper Organizer

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if you need a paper organizer (such as note paper, paper schedules or important scribbles that need to be made places so that they are easily seen are stored also easily taken back to be seen or worked on again) you can make this project

=>tools and material :

-cadrboard (conditional size, depending on the size of the paper you want to store)/the cardboard that I used is a used electronics container

-magazines that have rather thick paper or promo books which are rather thick or other (length and width of the magazine adjusted paper to be stored) I use this project to store A4 and smaller paper sizes

-sticker/wrap paper+ glue (to coat the cardboard to make it look good) I use a sticker

-double ducktape/glue (conditional)


-sewing needle/nail ( conditional_to make a hole in the box )


-ruller/a tool to keep the line when cutting

Step 1: Cardboard

cut the cardboard in half in a diagonal position

Step 2: Making Organizer

prepare a magazine, break it down into sheets

stick magazine sheets in sequence, measure with A4 paper

stick stickers or decorating paper

Step 3: Mounting Thread / Rope

=>This thread is to keep the paper from curling

prepare a rope and a hole / needle

punch a hole in each side of two holes

insert the yarn, stretch it and tie it

Step 4: a Note

Cut the back of the paper into small pieces as needed

cut double ducktape as needed and stick it on the corner of the magazine to mark the contents of the paper that is stored

or you can make notes from plain paper cut to stick

Step 5: How to Use

tuck the paper behind the note in the corner

push the paper in

congratulations you already have a paper organizer :p

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