Introduction: Kirby RGBeer Holder

The idea is just to mix RGB, Beer (and Kirby), that's it !

Step 1: Project Presentation

The idea is to have a fully portable setup, so i used a lipo 3.7V with a charge controller to be able to charge it with a usb cable, and to have 5V to input to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller is an ESP32, but any Arduino board would would as well. Using the neopixel library just use the default rainbow sketch or code your own animation if you feel you want...

I used 9 sk6812 RGBW leds strip, any led strip will work.

Just solder everything together with a switch to be able to turn it on and off.

Step 2: Modify Stl With Blender

Blender is a free awesome Open Source software. DOWNLOAD IT :

I used a kirby stl model from thingiverse : that is large enough to let me fit all the electronics inside the base

I made a hole to hold the glass i will be using. Remember that in blender 1m = 1cm when you export your stl file for 3D printing

This step can be replaced by any base, cardboard, wood, plastic, use your imagination

Step 3: Electronics

I don't have a full schematics to offer, but if you want some awesome beginner information, please have a look at adfruit tutorials :

PUT HOT GLUE OVER EVERYTHING to prevent any liquids to mess up your hard work later on.

Step 4: Painting Kirby Pink

This step was skipped

Step 5: Assemble Everything and Drink Your RGBeer

Charge the battery, serve a beer, relax and admire your creation.

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