Introduction: Kitchen Cabinet

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We (me and my wife) move to a small house with no kitchen storage solutions.

I was looking for a way to solve the problem with minimum expenses.

I decided to build a wooden cabin closet from recycled wood pallets.

Step 1: Design

First I design it on 3D software.

When planning in a three-dimensional software, all the mistakes and indecision made before we even touched the material.

Step 2: Tools & Materials

The tools and (some of the) materials I use to build it...

Always before I put a screw I drill a hole (Smaller than the diameter of the screw) ahead to prevent fractures and cracks in wood.

Tools i use:

Drill Impact driver:

Orbit Sander:

Angle grinder:

Circular saw:

Jig saw:



Tape meter

3 mm drill

Protective glasses


Breathing mask

Ear protectors

Step 3: ​working Process:

1. Disassembly pallets.

2. Measure & cut.

3. Sanding.

4. Painting - clear matte lacquer.

5. Building.

Step 4: How to Hang It

I used this fixture to allow strongly hanging on the wall.

Step 5: Hooks

These hooks are used for hanging glasses and other things.


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