Introduction: Kitchen Island Butcher Block Top

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Need more counter space in the kitchen. Of course you do this project is so simple and can be done in a weekend. This project uses premade/bought butcher block top a piece of shelving board and 2x4s and simple pocket hole construction.


Butcher block top
6 - 2x4s
1- shelving board 16x48
2 1/2 inch kreg screws
Kreg jig
Saw I used miter saw
Butcher block top conditioners

Step 1: Legs

So this step could be made simpler if you just went and bought 4X4 but what fun is that lets make them out of 2x4s and the finished product you can't even tell!!

cut the 2x4s to length to the desired height that you want I went for a counter height top so i measure the counter top and subtracted the butcher block top.

glued 2 pieces together and then clamped all of them together.

this keeps them all uniform.

Step 2: Pocket Holes

Its tough to beat the simplicity of pocket holes give you great strength and a fast construction.

i wanted it to be super secure so i drilled 3 holes per and used 2 1/2 inch pocket holes

for the length and width I measured the top and subtracted the 2 inches plus the width of the legs this gives you a 1 inch over hang on each side

Step 3: Legs Part 2

Now that the glue has dried for 24 hours I take them to the jointer and the planer to straighten them up further.

I also added a taper to the the legs using a trick on the jointer if you want to see how i do this click on the video

Step 4: Assemble

With pocket hole construction this as simple as it gets measure out you the height of the bottom shelf and clamp and screw it together BOOM you have and ISLAND!!!

Step 5: Sand and Finish the Base

this makes it really simple with out the top on I sanded it to 120 and put a clear coat of polyurethane on it.

Step 6: Putting the Top on

Here i flipped the table over and used pocket screws to attach the top taking time to ensure that is centered.

Step 7: Finish the Top

Using butcher block oil from the big box store i followed the directions and seasoned the top with 4 coats.

Step 8: Quick Easy Kitchen Island

this was a fast quick and easy project doable for anyone hope you enjoyed the process

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