Introduction: "Knalpot" Fire Pit

The summer is here! ...But where I live, it's still chilly in the evenings. So what better way to scare away the chill of the night than with your very own fire pit? It only took me half an hour to build and already gave me many hours of enjoying myself with a beer and watching the flames.

Step 1: Materials

You don't need much for this instructable. For the body I used an old drum of a washing machine. You can find these at your old iron shop. Price: 1 Euro.

For the support legs I used a normal galvanised steel plumbing pipe that fits nicely into the holes that were already in the drum (some sort of connecting holes that connect the drum to the motor shaft...)

Step 2: Cut Legs

Cut the galvanised steel pipes in half with an angle grinder (or hacksaw, I just don't have the necessary patience).

Step 3: Add Legs to Drum

Use a round file to enlarge the holes of the drum. Keep on grinding till you can screw in the legs, but don't remove to much! By screwing the legs in, you create much more stable legs.

Step 4: Finito!

Turn the drum the right way round and put it in the garden (away from plants, inflamable stuff, or pets). Get a beer from the fridge, add wood to the drum, light that fire!

As a bonus: due to all those holes in the side of the drum and the general geometry if the thing, the airflow through it is fantastic. This makes it very easy to light the fire in it.

Step 5: Afterburn

After using it for some time the metal started to oxidize a bit. I like it, but considering I'm a bit biased, I'd love to know what you think. Does it add to the design or is it something to be avoided? I look forward to hearing your opinions and maybe ways on how to prevent it.

As a bonus I uploaded a video of the firepit in action. Nice! :D

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