Introduction: Pomegrenade

This instructable is more like a gag. Because it's partly edible this is only a temporary thing. It started with eating a pomegranate fruit for the first time and afterwards finding out that a grenade is actually called like that because of the fruit. Enough talk, this instructable will be sweet and short. pun intended.

Step 1: Parts

Things you'll need are:
A pomegranate fruit (surprise)
A bunch of copper and messing parts such as lamp fittings, bolts, plate...

Tools for the job are:
Tin snips (metal shear)
Dremel tool, but a file will also work

Step 2: Building the Base of the Grenade

Take the copper lamp fitting and cut a ribbon of metal plate to the same width. Bend the plate so that it fits nicely with the lamp fitting.

Step 3: Build the Handle of the Grenade

Take a long messing bar and cut it to the right length (give or take). Bend it to look like the handle of a real grenade. Better make it look good, because this will be the eyecatcher.

Step 4: Build the Connection Bracket

The connection bracket will connect the handle to the lamp socket. It is made with messing plate that gets hammered in the right shape.

Start with drawing the width of the handle onto the plate.

Next step is to bend it. I clamped it in a vise so I could get straight bends. A bit of hammering later and you should have a 90 degree angle bracket.

When I was doing the hammering I found out that it's pretty hard to do with such a thin piece. The first 90 degree bend was no problem. The second one, on the other hand, was more difficult. The clamps of my vise were to wide. So I solved it by cutting a small groove in the plate in the place I wanted a 90 degree bend. It works perfectly! And I would advice you to use this technique instead of hammering.

Step 5: Soldering the Handle and Bracket Together

Now you want to attach the bracket to the handle. You could do this with screws or rivets. But since I didn't have those at hand I just soldered them together.

To do that you'll need a brazing torch and some solder. I find that it always helps to add some soldering flux. It makes it a lot easier.

Step 6: Modify the Lamp Socket

Now you can modify the lamp socket to attach it to the bracket.

First step is to drill a hole. First use a peen tool (I think it's called that way) to hammer a tiny hole in the side of the cylinder. You need this because otherwise your drill bit will keep slipping of the round sides of the lamp socket. Next step is to drill a hole slightly larger than the screw you'll be using.

I finished it off by squeezing the sides of the lamp socket so I ended up with an ellipse shape. Nice and flat at the sides for less friction.

Don't forget to drill holes in the sides of the handle bracket!

Step 7: Triggering Mechanism

While thinkering with this handle I started to think about how I could make it a bit more functional. Explosives were a bit to dangerous, but a spring mechanism was within the realm of possibilities.

So start again with drilling a hole in the lamp socket. Tis time perpendicular to the other two holes.

Add a tension spring and attach it to a screw that fits into that first hole. I found that by using a drill that's slightly smaller than the screw, I had no need to use a threading tool.

Last part of this step is to drill a hole through the hole bracket and socket. In this hole you can fit the trigger pin. That triggering pin was made with a scrap piece of umbrella. Just take a look at an umbrella and you'll find a lot of small metal rods. These are very useful for all kinds of projects since they are thin and very strong at the same time. Also very useful when building a sterling engine, just saying.

Step 8: Finished!

You've got a finished fruit grenade! I don't know what you can do with it, heck, I don't even know what I'm gonna do with it. Let's just say it's one of those things and if this instructable succeeded in bringing some crazy randomness to your life all the better!

Till next time