Introduction: Knex Custom Chain Lift

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A Knex lift made with custom chain!

It's like the original chain lift, but way less efficient, uses more pieces, needs more power, goes slower, it's more clunky, and it takes up more space...

But hey! It looks cool! And that's what matters!

In these instructions I will show you how to build the custom chain and custom gears. (not that it needs much explanation) Everything else I quickly threw together so that it would function by itself, and is not necessary to build.(except maybe the motor part) That being said, I have included pictures to go off of if you want it to be a stand-alone lift.

Step 1: Custom Chain

Here is the chain, pretty easy :D

1 - Build the individual chain 'links'

2 - Attach. This a 'section'

3 - Example of 2 sections put together

4 - The whole thing (if you are building the frame, or happen to need that exact amount of chain)

As you can see, there are two types of chain links that you put together to make a 'section'.

In this build, I used 20 sections.

Pieces (for 20 sections)


Green - 40

Blue - 80


Grey - 40

Orange - 40

Red - 40

Yellow - 40

Step 2: Motor and Gears

These are the custom gears I use for the chain.

1 - Build

2 - Attach

3 - This is the gear on the top of the frame

4 - Build

5 - Another view

6 - Motor section on the bottom of the frame

Sorry if some of the pictures are kinda blurry, idk how this camera works XD

Step 3: Tracks and Frame

1 - Build the entrance

2 - Build the exit

3 - Build

4 - Build

5 - Attach everything! (including the gears and motor)

Step 4: Finished!

Just put the chain on and you are done!

make sure you put the chain on the right way ;)